Attitude Over Abs: Survey Shows What Attracts at First Sight

Attitude Over Abs: Survey Shows What Attracts at First Sight

42% of women say attitude first attracts them to a man – only 25% say it is physical appearance

While 42% of women claim it is attitude over look , personality and style that first attracts them to a man, they have no hesitation in breaking down the sexiest parts of the male physique into 10 categories and good news for gentlemen who don’t have gym membership – abs, chest and biceps are low on the list.

May 2014 – In a survey conducted by Victoria Milan, the world’s leading discreet social network for extramarital affairs, 2,500 female members of the site disclosed what initially attracts them to men, and what they consider to be the sexiest male body part.

Often described as the ‘windows to the soul’, eyes were voted as the number one sexiest body part of a man with 17% of women melting when their eyes first meet. Shoulders came in at a close second, with 15% of women swooning at a strong pair.  A cute butt came in at 13%, followed by lips (11%),hip bones (10%) the penis (9%) abs (7%), smile (7%). In the last two positions of the ladies going we found; chest (6%) and biceps (5%).

Most of the surveyed women claim they are looking for something more than just a physical attraction when they start an extra-marital affair, but don’t believe their male counterparts are on the same page; 2 of every 3 female cheaters agree that men over-value physical appearance.

CEO and Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results clearly demonstrate women are not looking for a perfect physical specimen, but something beyond appearance.

“Almost half of the married females we surveyed said they are first attracted to a man’s attitude – and only a quarter are paying attention to the physical side of things.  This clarifies that women are looking for something beyond rock-hard abs and shapely biceps.  Attitude – rebellious, positive, good-natured or otherwise – was rated number one among our female members, and they’ve all been married before – they know what they’re looking for in a man.”

See Full Results of the Survey

Victoria Milan is one of the world’s leading discreet social networks for men and women seeking a secret affair. The service was launched by happily married media executive Mr. Sigurd Vedal in 2010, and has today become one of the world’s fastest-growing and leading social networks for discreet extramarital affairs, surpassing 4 million members worldwide in more than 33 countries.


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