Beating The Challenges of an Outdoor Summer Wedding

Beating The Challenges of an Outdoor Summer Wedding


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Planning a wedding can be an exciting, yet stressful time for a couple! Deciding to have a ceremony outside in the hot summer sun can pose additional challenges. If you will be exchanging vows outside follow these tips to help you keep cool during your wedding. Your guests will thank you too!


  1. Check to make sure your location isn’t going to be right in the middle of hurricane season and if there will be a plan “B” for cover if  the weather turns windy and wet. This will pay havoc with flight plans too.
  2. If you are going to be outside and near a body of water, be sure to have bug spray and sun screen available for you and your guests.
  3. Placing citronella candles inside beautiful candle holders around the perimeter will help with bug control and when the sun sets, it will provide great ambience.
  4. For a beach wedding check tide schedules so that you will in fact have a beach to get married on.

Your Guests 

  1. Make sure your guests are well hydrated. They will be outside in the hot summer sun a lot longer than the wedding party so have water served before the ceremony and a cool place for them to be after the ceremony when most bride and grooms have their photos taken. Handing out personalized water bottles would be a practical “favour” to provide to your guests.
  2.  Hand out fans or parasols for your guests to use for some relief from the heat before and after the ceremony.
  3. Make sure you use microphones during the ceremony and reception. When outside or near water, voices can get drowned out and no one will be able to hear the exchange of your vows or speeches during dinner.
outdoor wedding

Near water? Have bug spray available. Use microphones so everyone will hear the ceremony and speeches!

decor peacock

Use soft pastels or rich jewel colours for your summer wedding

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