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Till death do you part? What makes a person who is fully committed to another want to cheat? A sexless marriage? How about a partner who has gained so much extra weight they’re almost unrecognizable? Whatever the case, infidelity in marriage isn’t a shock factor anymore. According to Dr. Phil, 98 percent of men admitted to fantasizing about having sex with someone other than their partners in a recent survey.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy found that 50 percent of couples who initiate couples counseling do so because of infidelity. Cheating could be a symptom of a deeper problem in marriage, but there’s no excuse for it in Ed Young’s eyes, pastor of Fellowship Church. He’s been very vocal on his standpoint on marriage and infidelity and says “If you’re going to have an affair, have one with your wife.” Ed Young Fellowship members are wise to heed his advice, as well as anyone else with straying thoughts.

Celebrities are front and center in all the tabloids. Why do we “normal folk” obsess about where celebrities eat, what they wear and where they shop? Perhaps because through their photos we can live vicariously through them. But even beautiful, rich and famous celebrities aren’t prone to infidelity.

Celebrities and Cheating
“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria wed her basketball star Tony Parker in 2007, but their spicy marriage didn’t last long. She filed for divorce in 2010 and cited infidelity as a contributing factor.

As beautiful as Halle Berry is, she just can’t catch a break with men. Eric Benét gained attention in 2002 for alleged marriage problems. Rumors circulated that he cheated on her with multiple women and he alleged that he was a sex addict.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James were an odd couple from the beginning. He had a reputation of being a bad guy and her a sweet and innocent young woman. So could anyone really be surprised that he cheated with a stripper after Bullock adopted a little boy?

Celebrity infidelity isn’t our only guilty pleasure. For decades infidelity has been show in top-grossing Hollywood movies and we just can’t get enough.

Our Fascination with Cheating in the Movies
Romantic comedies aren’t the only popular movies. Flicks featuring infidelity, obsession and straying eyes are always popular.

“Unfaithful” was a 2002 flick with Diane Lane, Richard Gere and Olivier Martinez. Connie Sumner (Lane) seems to have it all: A loving husband, a beautiful home and a wonderful son. But she wants more. After being approached by a handsome French bookseller (Martinez) she becomes obsessed with him, eventually having a steamy affair. Her husband Ed (Gere) notices the awkwardness in their marriage and becomes suspicious, finding out about her affair, leading to the bookseller’s death.

“Fatal Attraction” is the epitome of infidelity gone awry. Dan Gallagher (Michael Douglas) has a one-time affair with Alex Forrest (Glen Close) and quickly learns his one-night stand was a grave mistake. Forrest is an unstable and jealous woman who stalks his family and won’t let him go, leading to a disastrous ending.