Destroying our Inner Enemies

Rick TitanIn our daily lives we have all kinds of situations which cause us stress, worry, anger, hanging on to old stuff (attachment) and avoidance (aversion). Our minds, conscious and subconscious react negatively to these situations – our Storylines and we become mentally or even physically unhealthy because of these ‘allergic reactions’. Really, it’s our Storylines – the Histamines that cause us what is called Dukkha in Sanskrit. Dukkha is Suffering. We would think that it’s the person, event or thing that’s causing us this reaction but it’s not. It’s how we handle it. If we handled everything from a space of peace and serenity, we would never suffer. Our state is something that requires a great deal of effort. Like working on being an Olympic athlete, we can’t one day decide we want to go into the Olympics and simply claim a medal. We have to train rigorously for it. We can’t suddenly decide one day that we wish to be calm and happy and for that much-needed state to just magically appear! We have to practice it – rigorously. That’s why Spiritual Practice is needed; that’s why a guide may be necessary. Ever wonder why there are so many people with Life Coaches or Counsellors out there today? It’s because they can give us different information than we have. We have to take that information and put it in the place of our old way of being if we want to develop and move ahead in life. We need practice. Meditation or Personal Development is a daily thing. Just like exercise; if we stop – so will the results.

For example, I’ve been in two car accidents in my life; once when I was still a practicing professional wrestler and later as a student of a Buddhist Monk. The first one, I was angry, and I was attached to my vehicle. It was the most important thing in the world to me. My money, my body, me, me, me. Completely Egocentric. Self-absorbed. At the time I didn’t care about the other person or their vehicle. I was fuming and ready to fly off the handle on them. Fortunately I did the politically correct thing and didn’t. But I was really out-of-sorts for days about this. “My car! How dare they!” I thought. The second time I was in a car accident, I realized I wasn’t hurt. I was understanding and compassionate because I realized that this was only an accident and it wasn’t intentional. I knew that my car would be fixed in a few days; I wondered if the people were okay. I wasn’t even close to freaking out! I was aware of my state.

Suffering is the result of a reaction to our story. That’s all it is. Once we can defeat our Inner Enemies – Anger, Attachment and Aversion, we will stop suffering. The ‘Antihistamines’ or remedies to these inner problems are Compassion, Non-Attachment & Acceptance. This is easier said than done though, right? More on the remedy soon.

About the author: Rick Titan was born and raised in Vancouver B.C. and moved to Calgary in 1989 to pursue a career as a professional wrestler with Stampede Wrestling and the Harts. A former world heavyweight and tag-team champion, he wrestled for 10 years internationally in places such as Japan, Austria, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, all over Canada and the U.S. where he worked for the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE).

After a rough & tumble sports entertainment career Rick chose to train his mind as hard as he trained his body. He has studied various philosophies over the last 13 years and found answers to better his own life as well as to coach others. He is a meditation teacher and works extensively in the personal development arena.