Getting Rid Of The Wave Pool

I have another amazing 3 in 1 exercise to share with you that will target some of the areas that I get asked about so often – hips, tummy, and hamstrings!

If you are one of those ladies who are asking for some exercises to work those hips and flatten your tummy then this 3 in 1 hip raise, hamstring curl and heel touches with feet on a fit ball is just what you need. I have even been asked, “How do I get rid of that wave pool at the back of my legs and butt?”

I feel that we neglect certain muscles in our body and our hamstrings are one of those important muscles that we shouldn’t forget. Hamstring exercises are important for many reasons and a few of those are for stability, balance, flexibility and also great for strengthening our muscles around the knee.

Alright, ladies, you are going to start by lying flat on your back on the floor or on a mat. Once you find your spot on the floor you will put your heels on top of the fit ball. When you are in this position you are going to begin the exercise by pushing your heels down into the fit ball and also driving your hips up off of the floor (anterior pelvic tilt) also keeping your belly button in as your drive the hips up.

Once you are finished your hip raise you will leave your hips up off the floor and will then focus on doing a hamstring curl, really digging those heels into the fit ball through out the hamstring curl.

When you complete your hamstring curl slowly lower your hips (posterior pelvic tilt) down towards the floor staying in control of your exercise and not collapsing to the floor. Reach with your finger tips heel to heel (side to side motion through the torso) as you move side to side keep your belly button drawn in.

Once the heel touches are complete repeat the exercise again. Once you get going you will work on finding a nice smooth fluent motion, not stopping or holding at the top or at the bottom of the exercise.

Try this 3-4 sets 10-20xs through. You may do these on their own or add them to an existing program.