I was presented this unique website by owner Marc Oparq, and was instantly interested in supporting his quest for creating a web-based global initiative to create Emotional Wills. To some this may appear morbid, but death is inevitable and having a website like this can GIVE your loved ones the closure that they may need at the time of your passing. PassedOn provides you the opportunity to say the things you wish you could have or the chance to pass on advice for all the events that you may never attend.

The following is information from the PassedOn website that explains what they do, a link to their site and a chance to donate money or your time to this amazing FREE initiative.

How would you like to be remembered?
Every one of us has a certain idea of how he or she would like to be remembered. When our time has come, we all have important wishes and thoughts to leave for our Loved Ones. PassedOn is a free web-based global initiative for those who wish to create Emotional Wills with Multimedia Files and save unforgettable moments for the people they love.

A love message, a late apology, a long-kept secret, a last wish or the key to a priceless treasure that you’re the only one on earth that knows. Whatever it may be, PassedOn is where you create and save those memories, in forms of text, picture or video and save them for the people you love.