These Shoes Make Me Feel…

A collaboration from a couple of women on their favourite shoes!
My sparkly heels make me feel ultra sexy. They brighten up any little black dress and always look super stylish with dressy black shorts. These shoes never fail me and make me feel extra confident and feminine – a shoe in (no pun intended) for my winning shoe. These shoes make me feel like I’m Samantha from Sex and the City.

These brown and aqua coloured leather heels were purchased in Athens, Greece, while on my honeymoon. I rarely get to wear them, as they are extra naughty looking, but my husband sure loves them!

My white and beige Nine West sandals fit with so many of my casual spring and summer dresses and short sets. I love these shoes, as they look classy and complete all of my outfits so I look elegant on every occasion. They’re also a short heel which is perfect for me since I am 5 foot 9 inches.

Chavala’s 3:

You cannot go wrong with a sexy heel. I love this BCBG one. It is a mix of classic elegance (the strappy velvet with gold piping) and rock and roll vibe (snake print). I wear them with a simple black cocktail dress to add a little edge or for a fun night out against a vibrant hue of purple. When I wear them I feel strong, sexy and a whole lot of naughty.

A great bootie for summer or fall adds a different vibe to any look. I love these brown suede ones. Isabel Marant is the go to designer but pricey. A more affordable version can be found at Aldo and Town Shoes. I wear these with black tight leather leggings to get a boho vibe or with a fun summer dress. I feel carefree and cool.

A wedge is a great go to staple in my wardrobe. Wedges go with everything and they always make me feel fun and flirty. There are so many options out there that range from pricey Louboutin to great affordable versions by the likes of Chinese Laundry or Michael Kors. I wear these ones with everything from jeans, dresses and shorts.